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TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

Long-term or chronic stress accumulates in our body. Your body remembers tension and drastic or traumatic events in your life, so to speak, and eventually stores them in your connective tissue or fascia.

Suppressing or even ignoring these emotions and stresses is a survival strategy, but if we don't process and release these emotions or stresses, they become encapsulated in your body.

You will experience symptoms such as neck, shoulder or back pain, irritability, anxiety, fretting, restless sleep, strained relationships, irritable bowel syndrome, and much more....

Moving the body can help you throw off excess stress, e.g. by exercising or dancing....

But not everyone is an athlete, nor do they need to be at all, to release deep-seated stress or tension.

Through this innovative and proven self-help technique, we help our bodies reestablish their own natural recovery mechanism. By practicing TRE® regularly, chronic stress no longer has a chance.

TRE® is a body-oriented somatic technique to release tension in a safe and controlled way. This is done through 7 simple exercises, helping to activate our natural recovery mechanism. Afterwards, people feel very relaxed and calm. It sometimes feels like a massage from within. Your nervous system comes to rest and you feel balanced again.

TRE® teaches you to regulate yourself, listen to your body and guard your limits.

This powerful self-help technique is taught by a certified TRE® Provider, who has the necessary background and training to safely guide this process. Once you have mastered TRE®, you can continue to practice it independently for your own well-being and resilience. This usually requires 4 guided TRE® sessions.

David Berceli, Ph.D. (USA) is the founder of TRE® and is a recognized international expert in trauma, stress and conflict management for more than 25 years. Dr. Berceli works worldwide around trauma and recovery, and has a background in psychotherapy and therapeutic bodywork.

Benefits of TRE®

  • You don't have to recount or relive, recall anything,
  • Useful self-help technique
  • Anyone can learn it

Effects of TRE®

  • reduced anxiety, worry and fretting
  • reduced symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • better sleep quality
  • better relationships and relaxed understanding
  • less conflict
  • more self-confidence
  • more resilience
  • less stress
  • fewer physical complaints
  • Improved general well-being


  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and warm socks recommended.
  • Individual duration per session 1 hour, 70€. 2persons 1.5hrs 130€

Your time is precious, just like mine.
An appointment cancelled within 48 hours will not be charged. This will allow me to help another person in time.
If not cancelled 48 hours in advance, 50% will be charged.

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