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Learning to live and feel in the now with full attention

"Mindfulness begins with mildness, respect and dignity.  First and foremost in dealing with yourself. By extension, with others and the world.
With that mildness, we look - with open attention, without looking away. Whether pleasant or difficult, we engage.
While looking, we remain present. As soon as we notice that we have been dragged into an automatic reflex, we return, with gentle, kind attention. 
Mindfulness is lifelong deepening, and learning."

- dixit Edel Maex, Hospital Network Antwerp

Mindfulness training is about embracing life as it unfolds, with all its challenges and surprises. We take the time to become aware of our bodies and activate all our senses. It's about how we handle the emotions and thoughts that arise within us, without passing judgment. It's about the ability to rest in the awareness of what is, whether it's easy, painful, or something in between. It's also a training in attention, where we switch off the autopilot.

There is an abundance of scientific evidence supporting the benefits and effects of mindfulness. Even the KU Leuven is actively engaged in this topic. (

Mindfulness essentially combines Western psychology with ancient Buddhist wisdom.



  • Mindfulness session with relaxation, 1 hour, 50 €/session

Your time is precious, just like mine.
An appointment cancelled within 48 hours will not be charged. This will allow me to help another person in time.
If not cancelled 48 hours in advance, 50% will be charged.

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