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Kim Demeyere

Since 2012 I have been immersing myself successively in yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness. 

This was followed by training as a mindfulness coach, heart coherence coach, and heart coherence coach for children 10 years and up (Hartekracht) and certified TRE® Provider, a body-oriented somatic technique to release chronic tension and stress.

In 2020, Relaxlab was born out of my passions. My main practice is in 1820 Steenokkerzeel, an airport community. 

After working in civil aviation for over 22 years in a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, I have chosen to focus solely on my passions and my talents.

I offer stress reduction skills such as heart coherence, TRE® and mindfulness coaching within Relaxlab, with my own emphases, for adults and youth 16+, businesses, clubs, schools and organizations.

Relaxlab is a place to learn to unwind again, in a safe trusting atmosphere. Welcome!

Relaxlab carries the quality label Nerva Coach

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