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There is so much stress, pressure and worry, the constant running, deadlines, all kinds of expectations, and so often the thought of falling short or needing to choose, with no time to unwind, land, and relax.  No time to take care of yourself, to catch your breath and recharge yourself, let alone value yourself,.... In today’s performance-oriented and rushed society.... keeping (too) many balls in the air.... and then suddenly, your head or your body says 'STOP', you experience all kinds of pains, discomfort and ailments, or worse.... the lights just go out!

Sounds familiar?

I can help you.... because:

Been there! Done that! The beginning of my "why," and why I understand, and want to help you out of this situation:

Due to a dramatic personal event in my family in 2018, my world was suddenly turned upside down, for a while there was uncertainty about the future, functioning was no longer possible. From my personal healing process, it has become second nature for me to reflect on what ‘baggage’ people might be carrying, to look at what someone (really) needs and to be a listening ear that also provides tools and guidance.  No superficiality, but with compassion and an open mind. 

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