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TRE® group offer March 2024

Getting tension and stress out of your body safely - you can learn how!

- the course will be given in Dutch !

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

TRE® is a body-oriented technique to release tension and stress in a safe and controlled way. This is done using 7 simple and lightly active exercises, inviting our natural recovery mechanism. Afterwards, people feel very relaxed and calm. Your nervous system comes to rest and you feel balanced again.

With TRE® you learn to regulate yourself, to listen to your body and to guard your limits. Accessible for all ages!

This exciting self-help technique, developed by Dr.David Berceli, Ph.D., is taught to you by a certified TRE® Provider, who has the necessary background and training to guide this process safely. Once you master TRE®, you can continue practising it independently for a lifetime for your well-being and resilience. This usually requires 4 guided TRE® sessions.


This group-based programme consists of 4 sessions on Monday evenings:

Mon 4/3/2024, 19.30-21h30

Mon 11/3/2024, 19.30-21h30

Mon 18/3/2024, 19.30-21h30

Mon 25/3/2024, 19.30-21h30

4 sessions in group for 165 €pp, min.4 and max.8 persons/group

De Camme, room 1st floor, Tervuursesteenweg 173, 1820 Perk (entrance Ribaucourtplein)

You can register via email:


Bring along a (fleece) blanket, pillow for under your head, a mat. (Relaxlab can arrange mats if needed), warm socks, bottle of water. 

Comfortable and loose-fitting clothes are recommended.

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